The First of Many.

The First of Many.



They say, “ If at first you don’t succeed. Dust yourself off and try again.” This past weekend was the first of many things to come. Not only did I leave my house without making my bed, I left my bed completely naked for the night. One of the best things about letting go of the comfort zone is finding out just how outside of the box you can be when you set yourself free.


Once you step…

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DaVincci X Dilla.

DaVincci X Dilla. @DaVincci Cc: @JDillaFans @JDilla_Fndn @OfficialJDilla1 #jdillachangedmylife #Miami #HipHop


Most of you who visit my blog might not realize that you’ve heard the name J Dilla before, but trust me you’ve nodded your head to the sound of his beats without even knowing it.  Dilla was a producer and rapper who emerged from the mid-90s underground hip hop scene in Detroit, Michigan. He worked alongside some of the best names in the business, A Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul, Busta Rhymes,…

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Let Us Peacock!


They say that after every heartbreak we peacock. Isn’t that the most beautiful thing you’ve heard besides “I love you too”? That after the showers of pain, you become something even more beautiful than what you were before…

Most of you already know that Hello Giggles has been blogging lately about what one should do after a breakup in order to prepare for their next relationship. A topic that’s…

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Happy Birthday Narciso!


Please allow me tell you about this man. I met Narciso on New Year’s Eve 2013, he was brought to my house by Jason, and before he even opened his mouth, he managed to touched my heart in places I didn’t know were still alive with just a stare. Not sure what made him say yes to spending New Years Eve (of all dates) in a complete strangers home, but I’m glad he did because he now holds a permanent…

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Monday’s Eye Candy - The Fifa Men!

Monday’s Eye Candy – The Fifa Men!

It’s been a while since I did Monday’s Eye Candy, and I figured what better way to break the hiatus then by posting all the sexy faces I would sit on from this eventful World Cup. At my job we placed a bet along with our sister companies on which office represented what team, and the wining office would be gifted a jersey representing our office with our names on the back from the 2014 World Cup.…

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The World in My Cup.

The World in My Cup. #Miami #Supermoon


Friday night my friends and I gathered for another Vibes Laugh Attack, we got dressed in outfits that represented our mood, and took up a sofa to enjoy some of Miami’s talented comedians for their DC Comic night.


Saturday night my girl G and I headed out to South Beach for 3rd St Yoga class which took place at dusk to welcome the first supermoon of the summer. Although the clouds were…

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4th of July Recap.

4th of July Recap. #Miami #Theater @ArtisticVibes


Here we are another amazing Fourth of July weekend to add to the book of memories. Since I’m a simple kind of woman, I like to keep things simple even on a three day holiday weekend.  The day started with tons of 4th of July rain… which loves to taunt us every year, and after enjoying some laughs and grilled tofu at a cute little cookout which took place at Artistic Vibes, Narciso, the…

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Mother’s Day Weekend!

Mother’s Day Weekend!

 Friday 20140511-215835.jpg

We made our usual drop at Speak. I tried for it to be as simple as possible because it was Mother’s Day weekend, and for that fact alone Friday night was lite so that my battery could be at a 100% for Sunday. Rob really knows how to set a mood at Speaks, he invited the talented and charming Cindy who graced us with her stunning presence while vacationing here after taking time from her…

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Young Karma, Good Karma.

Young Karma, Good Karma.




For what seems like forever, I’ve had a love hate relationship with Miami. For as long as I can remember my repetitive thoughts have been, “Once the kids finish school, I’ll be moving to New York. The idea million dreams away back then, has presented itself; having now not one, but two graduates of 2014, it has now come during the time were I’ve falling in love with Miami for the first time…

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36 Chambers!

Happy 4th Anniversary to WajimaRose.com, and a very Happy 36 to me. Yes, 36–the year I enter into a kingdom of all possibilities, the year I break free from the nine times I have fallen victim to my own desires, causing all four chambers of my heart to separate as I singlehandedly died painful, emotional deaths. The year of my resurrection.

The year of Wu-Jima!


Benz walk

I possibly have the…

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